Professional Development

The NwOESC offers two types of Professional Development opportunities.

  1. On-site training events are held at our Archbold office unless otherwise noted. You may register online for any of the classes using the links provided. Click to expand and view current offerings.
  2. e-Learning courses are presented online using a course management system. Registrants need to download and complete the correct registration form and send it to the NwOESC. 

Directions for sign up:

  1. Click on the class you want to attend

  2. Choose the Register option in the bottom right corner of the page

  3. From the drop down box you will choose 1 ticket – to register yourself

  4. Follow the directions to register for the event

  5. You will receive an email message at the email address you entered with your registration (from Local Level Events) that confirms your completed registration for the event.

  6. Should you need to cancel your registration, please contact Ashleigh (arepp@nwoesc.org) or Linda (lschlosser@nwoesc.org) via email to do so, you cannot cancel your own registration.

  7. If you are sharing a computer with another employee, please make sure the person before you has signed out of the software before you try to register yourself.  Otherwise it will tell you the event is sold out - as events are 1 ticket per person.

On-Site Training Opportunities

Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early for attendance verification, and bring along your printed ticket from your completed registration.

August 9 - RE Mentor/Program Coordinator Meeting

August 9 - Year 1 Orientation & Classroom Management

August 9 - Year 3 - Orientation

August 9 - CPI Renewal

August 14 - IEP Anywhere Training

September 6 - IEP Anywhere Training

September 13 - CPI Renewal

September 19 - Make-Up Session for RE Orientation - Year 1 & Year 3

September 24 - CPI Renewal

September 17 & 19 - Initial CPI

October 15 & 17 - Initial CPI


 Safety and Violence Protection

If you have questions, please contact:

  • Kris Dobbelaere;  kdobbelaere@nwoesc.org
  • or Linda Schlosser;  lschlosser@nwoesc.org. 

You may also call 567.444.4807 and ask for Kris or Linda.

Current Courses available via paper form and check payment. 

*Please note that prices for the following courses (excluding HQT) have increased to $35.00 each.*

Bloodborne Pathogens

Child Abuse and Neglect

Communicable Disease

Van Driver Pre-Service & Refresher

Highly Qualified Teacher

-Choose the course(s) you wish to take
-Complete and print the registration form(s)
-Send the completed form(s) along with your payment to the NwOESC (At this time we do NOT accept credit card payments for the eLearning courses.)

When we have received your registration form and payment, we will register you for the course and send you an email with your log in instructions. Once you have completed the requirements for the course, you will then email us and we will send your certificate of completion.  If you have questions, please contact:

  • Kris Dobbelaere;  kdobbelaere@nwoesc.org
  • or Linda Schlosser;  lschlosser@nwoesc.org. 

You may also call 567.444.4807 and ask for Kris or Linda.

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